Family Scrambles

Cascade Mtn
Welcome to FamilyScrambles.  Scrambles are off-trail mountain hikes that do not require mountain climbing equipment.  This website describes scrambles that our family has undertaken.  Most scramble websites describe routes taken by far more adventurous scramblers.  Sometimes these routes are exposed with fall distance, and may be snow covered. We only scramble on calm, warm, fine, sunny days, when there is no snow cover and little chance of rain.  We usually turn around if there is unavoidable fall distance, the small rock steps on Heart Mtn and Wind Ridge being notable exceptions.  Preferably, the max temp in the valleys will be over 30 degrees C, so that we can enjoy a dip in a mountain lake or stream at the end of the day.  We usually carry a good supply of Coke and a bad day is when we forget the chocolate. 

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The photo shows Cascade Mtn. overlooking Banff, Alberta.  Scramble route takes the left hand skyline.

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